Team Extra has announced the pricing for the Miss Ashley and props that we lay up. Due to an increase in cost of materials, we have had to adjust some of our pricing this year. Remember this is not a full time business for us so we try very hard to keep the airplanes affordable.

We do offer several iterations of build level so whether you are a do it yourself-er or just want buy and go fast we should have a kit for you.

Builders Kit / Air-frame: $3050
Fuselage with firewall installed and drilled for BCC 200 or DA170
Wing with landing gear blocks mounted (setup for Robart RSE635)
Stab with elevator rods installed

Basic Build: $4100
Fuselage with Cowl fitted
Rudder hinge line cut, linkage hard point installed
Wing: aileron hinge line cut, linkage hard points installed
Stab: hinge line cut, linkage to elevators installed
Wing and Stab installed with correct incidence.

Ready to Paint: $5800
We will install all customer supplied servos, radio, landing gear, hook up everything, install all linkages and have airplane to paint.

Painted: Two colors ready for you to install hardware: $5100

Ultimate Kit: $6800
Totally ready to fly with up to two different colors of paint. All customer supplied hardware/radio/engine installed.

F1 Props: $225
Unlimited Props: $300

Available Props: Inventory to be added shortly

Individual Parts Pricing:
Wing (Aileron hinge line cut, mounting points installed $1,300.00
Cowl $175.00
Fuselage $1,400.00
Belly Pan $125.00
Juice Bottle Tank Mount CF $200.00
Elev/Rudder/Tail wheel mount in carbon fiber $150.00