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Thread: Stilleto race package for sale

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    Stilleto race package for sale

    My Stilleto and all support gear, spare engine, landing gear parts, starter and igniters. Bind and fly
    Any reasonable offer.

    Mark Taylor

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    pm sent,,,


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    I have gotten requests to part out the package. I am hesitant to do it, because someone might come along that wants a turn key, bind and race operation. It has been languishing for some time now. So, $2500.00 gets it all. That is a give-away price. Fred's passing sucked the wind outa my sails. I'll let it stew for a while, and if nobody's interested, I'll part it out.


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    Mark; In case you didn't notice, check your private messages up-top under notifications, sent you a PM

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    Sold. Thank you.

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