I have attempted to put together a list of harder to find items that we use in Giant Scale Racing. The list is NOT complete, but is a good starting point. Being on this list is NOT a USRA endorsement, but a vendor who we believe have items available. If you have something or know of someone who should be on the list, email me the information for consideration of being added. I will be updating this list as information becomes available to me.

A big thanks to all who helped me prepare this list!!!!!!!

NOTE: It is the responsibility of the racer to make sure the item you are purchasing is USRA legal !

A variety of engines are currently used in the different classes.
For F1 most folks use the GT80 highly modified while some also use one of the single cylinder types from different manufactures.
F1GT: Only motor to use is the Zenoah GT-80.
Unlimited: There are several options currently being used; but you can certainly be creative. Regardless of motor used, each one has to be highly modified for maximum power. Current Class of the unlimited is the Desert Aircraft line of engines with the BCC line gaining strength.

DA150 / DA 170; http://www.desertaircraft.com/
BCC Engines; chuckh@infomagic.net
Aerrow/Quadra 200; You'll need to find one used.

Where can I get my engine modified?
BCC Engines; chuckh@infomagic.net
Baker Performance Engines; Scott Baker (addmorenitro@yahoo.com)
Ralph Cunningham, Williams, Az

Where can I get custom machining or mold work?
BCC Engines; chuckh@infomagic.net

Both injection molded APC and carbon racing props are available .
USRA is selling the spec T-6 and F-1GT props.
Sources for carbon props:
Fred Sattler
APC Props

Century Jet
Robart (Suggest the electrics as they are nice and light)

R/C Ignitions Williams, Az

Eagle Tree Systems -
RCATS – Mike Luvara http://rcatsystems.com/rc.php

TURN KEY AIRPLANES: (Contact directly for pricing and availability)
Tom Keating : T&P Keating <tpkeating44@yahoo.com>

Team Extra Aircraft; tome@crtdata.com

Starter cones and rubber inserts; Miller R/C 707-833-5905
Aircraft Sunscreens from Carden Aircraft; http://www.carden-aircraft.com/store...lane-cover.htm
Custom fuel blends:

John Creagh, Performance Plus Fuels
Randy Ritch, Ritch's Brew
Banners and decals: Marty Flood
Coleman gear drive starter from Cheetah Supply;

Pilot Figures/Helmets:
Ed Rankin
Scott Baker
Bill Hempel (Hempel Heads)

Cooling Ducts
Scott Baker
Rankin Designs

Wheel Pants:
Rankin Designs
Craig Greening Aircraft

Fixed landing Gear:

Rankin Designs