USRA – 2018 Race of Champions Race Update

September 29, 2018

We are less than two weeks away from the October ROC and things are coming together quickly. It’s going to be a great race! Jeff Wheless, the race promoter, has been working very hard to make this a fun and exciting race experience. The scoring equipment is ready to go and the folks at California City are again excited to see some great racing! Also, don’t forget our Raffle is still ongoing for the Hangar 9 60cc Mustang with a DA 60cc Engine. The drawing will take place on Sunday at the trophy presentation.

Below is important information regarding this year’s ROC. Please review so there are no surprises!

* Jeff Wheless is the Race promoter and the USRA will be the rules sanctioning body.
* Dennis Fuchs will be the Contest Director and the Line/Start Judge.
* The race is sanctioned by the AMA and under their insurance protection.
* Please be familiar with the rules. They are posted on the USRA web site for your review.
* Pilots will need to be current USRA members and show a valid UAS & AMA card at Registration.
* We will be performing airframe safety inspections and engine run-ups before open flying.
* Failsafe operation and engine restraints will be verified during inspection.
* We will be running the Sportsman, Formula One GT, Formula One Pro, Limited Gas and Unlimited classes this year. The speed dash will be run on Saturday, after lunch.
* There is a restaurant on site. On Saturday evening, there will be an event dinner at the field. Tickets can be purchased at Registration.
* Bring weights to hold down your shades! There will be no drilling or driving stakes into the asphalt.
* No access to the field before noon on Wednesday. Text Jeff (480-239-2414) or myself (760-408-3038) for access. Only one car through the gate at a time to the pit area.
* We are still working through RV parking sites and safety logistics due to limited space. There will be options for inside or outside the fence parking, however this year there will be a $25.00 /night fee regardless of where you park your RV.
* With the race course located on the West End of the field with pits on show center, golf carts are discouraged. Each pit area will need to have a visible ABC fire extinguisher in site and easily accessible.
* We will be flying off the West end this year for added spectator safety.

Any questions, please contact Jeff or myself. Let’s have a great race and thank you for your support.

Terry Raymond
USRA President