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    Dave Smith Update

    As you may or may not know, one of USRAs biggest supporters and contributors, Dave Smith contracted Covid several months ago and is still trying to recover. After almost 3 months in the hospital he and the family could use some help.

    Check out this request and see if you would like to participate:

    Thanks for anything you can do.


    From Monica...David is out of ICU as of December 18th and almost weaned off of the ventilator (again). Hopefully Monday will be the magical day to just be moved on to pressure support and then trach collar, and hopefully capped trach and eating some real food.
    He was stood up on an inversion table for about 30 minutes on Friday which was good to see him in an upright position. Everybody that came in when he was in that position commented on how tall he was. He was all smiles and excited to be making more progress. He’s trying hard and wanting to come home.
    He was told on Thursday about the go fund me account and cried. He said, “we have such a great community of friends and family and they are good and a blessing." He also said, “tell everyone he hopes to thank everybody personally when he gets better.”


      Update: 12/25/21

      From Monica…..Merry Christmas from Mesa! As I am sitting in the hospital next to David on this Christmas Day, we feel so humbled to be able to be spending this day together…. It makes my eyes water(and his too) as we talk about all of the great people in our lives. He is happy but sad about the passing of his dad, he wishes he could be there for his mom. For Christmas, his siblings thought it would be appropriate, they gave him the last money in his dads wallet and the, well used, pocket knife that was still in his pocket at the time of his passing. He feels very humbled at his siblings thoughtfulness’s for him.
      Now for an update on David,
      He is going to be weaned/ taken off of the ventilator tomorrow. I told him maybe for New Years we could eat some food by mouth! Sounds crazy to think something so simple would excite him but it’s been 77 days since he has had anything in his mouth. He says even applesauce sounds wonderful! It’s the Little steps we get excited about. Merry Christmas to all of you, we love you! Monica and David