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For Sale: NIB, Never Run, Bad-Ass Lasky Aero 200, & Other Aero 200 Goodies...

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    For Sale: NIB, Never Run, Bad-Ass Lasky Aero 200, & Other Aero 200 Goodies...

    Some of you may remember Don Gulliher.
    He passed last summer. I, and a few of his other friends, were left to sort through the immense collection of stuff in his house, garage, shed, and trailer.

    Among the treasures was this untouched, never run, brand new (although 20 years old) Lasky Aero 200.

    This was the baddest of the bad back then, except for the rare Herby that stayed together for an entire weekend...not sure I ever saw one that could do that...but these Aero sure could. They were always rock solid. I wonder what ever happened to Klaus...

    With Paul Ross, and I flew his P51, Stilletto, and G59 Fiats, all with the same Aero 200.

    I know this engine is bulletproof, and is an unlimited top fuel nitro breathing dragster plane engine. Planes were doing 240 with these back in the mid 90's. Things haven't gotten much faster since then. I suspect any gains at all have come from the props.

    I'd bet a dollar this engine will outrun any of the 170's out there right now.

    Lasky -1.jpgLasky -2.jpgLasky -3.jpgLasky -4.jpgLasky -5.jpg

    Here's a few more pics. Only 5 pics allowed per post apparently...

    Lasky -6.jpgLasky -7.jpgLasky -8.jpg


      And Another Aero 200

      We also found Don's race engine. This was a slightly modified Aero 200, and has many flights on it.

      I would call this a 180-190MPH engine, and is a gas-burner on 32:1 oil.

      I didn't take pics of it, but I can if someone is interested.

      If I were to run this engine, I'd tear it down and clean it, inspect it, and replace the bearings and gaskets just for good measure, but this engine was never crashed.


        And Parts, Parts, Parts...

        Don also had a HUGE under-bed shoe organizer box...chock FULL of brand new, still in the box/bag, never opened, Aero 200 parts. There's enough stuff here to build a brand new engine from scratch, and still have stuff leftover...

        Here, we've got new heads, ring sets, bearings, plenums, etc...

        Parts 1.jpgParts 2.jpgParts 3.jpgParts 4.jpgParts 5.jpg
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          And More Parts...

          Yeah...More Parts...

          Here we've got brand new carbs, main seals, ignition coils and spark advances, bearings, etc...

          Parts 6.jpgParts 7.jpgParts 8.jpgParts 9.jpgParts 10.jpg
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            Did I say that he had a LOT of parts???

            Here we've got pistons, con rods, crank shaft assemblies, main housings, gasket sets, and and and and...

            Parts 11.jpgParts 12.jpgParts 13.jpgParts 14.jpgParts 15.jpg
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              What are you asking for the lot?


                Hello, I’m aware this post is a few years old , are theses engines Spoken For ? Just wondering, thank you.